How to tell if you need dietary modification

How you feel is in direct relation to what you eat, and more importantly, how your body handles the food and drink that you put into it.

As a natural health professional and enzyme therapist, I use a holistic approach to help individuals with any of the symptoms identified in the box to the right. If you are interested in taking new action with a new approach in the promotion of your health, please call. I look forward to working with you.

My care reaches any gender, age or situation as this program uses the science of food and dietary modification (what to eat and not to eat) to help you get symptom and pain free.

Here are the steps that we will take together for your Nutritional Evaluation to help solve your symptoms:


Phone consultation for a brief introduction and set up a pick-up materials appointment.


Pick up 24-hour Urinalysis Kit and Signs & Symptoms form.
(Allow 20 minutes)


Send your Urinalysis Kit to the lab and send me the completed Signs & Symptoms form with 2-week food log, to my office.


When those reports are received, I will call you to set up appointment for the Physical Exam (muscle reflex) and the Assessment and Enzyme Therapy.
(Allow 1 hour, 15 minutes)


Follow up appointment, one-week to later, to repeat the Physical Exam to see and measure the improvements.
(Allow 1 hour, 15 minutes)

Complete Nutritional Evaluation is $600. This is a comprehensive program that includes all the steps above (the initial consultation, appointments, all lab work and interpretations, food analysis and enzyme therapy.) Get Started Now

Conditions that may be alleviated by enzyme nutrition and dietary modification:

1. Skin disorders, such as:
   - Acne
   - Dermatitis
   - Eczema
   - Psoriasis
   - Rosacea

2. Digestive disorders

3. Allergies

4. Arthritis

5. Headaches

6. Insomnia

7. Anxiety/Depression

8. Back pain

9. High blood pressure

10. Immune problems