Skincare Customized Just For You

Once we have addressed the internal issues, if any, the next step is topical treatment. This is where the fun begins! When starting a program, we will work progressively, not aggressively. Treatments can be done individually, or for maximum results, in a boosting series. Our consultation will determine your treatment. Whether you choose a one, two or three-part treatment, you can be confident the outcome will be a radiant, healthy, and more outstanding complexion. Naturally healthy ... naturally, beautiful!

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“Rejuvenating Microcurrent Therapy Treatment”

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Clinical Peels

- Glycolic Peel
- Lactic Peel 30%
- Lactice Peel 50%
- Salicylic Peel - Beta Lift
- TCA 15% Peel
- Microdermabrasion
- Ultrasonic Peel
$100 - $175
- Dual and Tri Peel combinations
$150 - $200

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Correcting, Replenishing & Nourishing

With the use of ultrasound waves, we can administer any number of fabulous treatments into the skin such as:
- Vitamins A, C, and E
- DNA Repair Serum
- Pigment Balancing Complex
- Capillary Repair
- Plant Botanicals and/or PhytoNutrients
- Advanced Firming Serum
- WRx™ (the Wrinkle Prescription), a topical alternative to Botox®
$130 - $200

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Microcurrent Therapy

Revitalizes, firms and plumps

Only $25 additional to any treatment ... and worth it!

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Classic Facial

For those wanting a more classic European-styled treatment, the Skin For Life custom facial is for you. A lesser-strength exfoliation than peels, followed by beneficial masks. A completely personalized treatment.

All skincare treatments include a therapeutic massage of your neck and shoulders, skincare appropriate extractions, homecare suggestions and professional advice. Cost of initial consultation and treatment is a minimum of $130. All fees confirmed before treatment commences. Please allow an hour and 15 minutes for your treatment.