Exfoliation is the key to healthy skin and is the Key to age management.

We have five layers of Epidermis, the outer layer being dead skin cells, glued together with sweat and sebum.  By removing the outer layer, by exfoliating, it signals the body to create new cells.  The faster we take it off the top, the faster we get new cells.  New life!

When the outer layer of skin has been shed, whatever product we apply next can penetrate the dermis more easily, giving better value and results from your exquisite products.  

Although our skin is hardly a piece of wooden furniture with a scratch on it that we could sand smooth…  With appropriate exfoliation we can absolutely soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  The combined use of AHAs, (glycolic, lactic, mandelic,fruit acids) BHAs, (salicylic) and Retinol (derived from vitamin A) will offer stunning results.

Our skin acclimates to exfoliation, so we work progressively, not aggressively.  Start with our signature Gentle Glycolic Cleanser.  Add a weekly exfoliating mask.  After a month, add an exfoliating serum.  Start to build your own exfoliating favorites into your homecare.

Experiment with the Exfoliation Collection, and have fun!  With daily exfoliation, visible results of smoother, younger, healthier skin can be seen in the first week.

Final note:  It is imperative to maintain balance between exfoliation and hydration.  If your skin appears dry due to exfoliating, increase your level of hydration.  Perhaps a heavier weight moisturizer, or layering a serum under your moisturizer.