Brown spots, discoloration, or hyper pigmentation, can be the result of many factors.  Our ethnicity, or the amount of melanin we have in our DNA and skin, can be a factor. 

Sun exposure or environmental damage can be a cause.  When we are in UltraViolet light, our body’s first defense is to activate melanin production.  

Hormonal change in women is another common cause.  Birth control, pregnancy, menopause… fluctuations in hormonal change can absolutely produce pigmentation.

Prescription drugs, especially for thyroid or other endocrine needs, can have side effects of pigmentation.

Melasma and other shadowing pigmentation, can be related to antibiotic use, the presence of candida or yeast in the gut, and other culprits.  

The good news is that we have fabulous plants and ingredients that produce a natural suppressant of the melanocytes, (the cells that produce melanin) that put them to sleep, or dormant, so as to fade their appearance.  

With the use of our Illumination Collection, we can both prevent and correct, at the same time. The keys to Illuminating your complexion:

Start with Exfoliation.  It's a must have.

Potent forms of vitamin C such as Kakadu (50% more vit C than an orange) and Ferulic acid; Cascading Antioxidants; Daisy extract, Azelaic acid, and Kojic acid.

Daily sunscreen is imperative.

We’ve got what you need! You’ll love your Ultimate Reflection.

Final note: Melanocytes have memory!