Eyes Collection


Eye treatments are an unique and essential compliment to any pro homecare line-up, due to their Refinement.

Although all Joyce Terrizzi products are cosmeceutical grade, eye treatments are even more highly refined.  An example of Refinement…

Say you have a beefsteak tomato.  Vine ripened, organic, so perfectly ripe you can smell it! Set it into a strainer and pour water over it.  It just sits there.  Now, take that same tomato and blanch it, peel it, seed it, puree it.  Now pour it thru the strainer, and it passes right through those small holes.  Same exact tomato, but it has been refined.

The skin surrounding our eyes is very thin and delicate.  It takes very little product, for a very small area.  Too much or too heavy, and the thin skin cannot absorb it. The result could be puffy or swollen eyes, or worse, clogged pores.  Small hard, white balls called ‘milia’ are common when occlusive products are used.  

Our Collection for Eyes, contains different weight treatments depending on your needs or seasonal weather.  All contain line softening peptides, which when used consistently have an accumulative effect.  Meaning the longer and more consistent the use, the better the results.  Soft smile lines are beautiful.